IT IS in the darkness of uncertain tragedy, that we see the colour and light of a spirit cannot be broken.
Immerse yourself in the spiritual artwork of Falun Gong (or Falun Dafa), an ancient Chinese tradition that taught the world how to fight violence with peace.

Falun Gong, is a form of meditative exercise originating in China and is based on the principles of truth, compassion and tolerance.

The Art of Zhen collection features oil paintings and watercolours from artists from over 36 countries, who give unique insight into the spiritual discipline of Falun Gong.
The principle was commonly practised in Chinese society and due to its following of over 100 million people, the Chinese government declared it illegal in 1999.

This led onto a multitude of distressing events that tore a nation apart.

Coordinator, Dao Yao said that the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners since 1999 remains fresh in the minds of Chinese people and still occurs today.
“Almost overnight 100 million people disappeared,” Dao said.

“The government turned families against each other and arrested people who practised, forcing them out of the country of into labour camps in China.
“I will never get to meet my in laws, because my Chinese husband cannot go back to his country.
“There is evidence from more than 150 cases that prove people were used for organ harvesting.”

The artworks depict a story that inspires strength, courage and hope in the face of Immeasurable injustice and matchless cruelty.
“You can see the struggle and how they find their way out,” Dao said.
“They use peace against the violence.
“The exhibition promotes hope in this society.

“For some people, society is dark place but by practising the principle, you are in the human world but you have peace in your heart.”

PDF version: Fighting violence with peace