Eliza Winkler

Freelance Journalist


ALL words and photos are my own.

Just another writer/Journalist/truth-seeker trying to make sense of it all.

I wrote my first poem when I was six, it was an acrostic poem about, Eliza. To myself – at age six – I was elegant, lively, intelligent, zany and an Angel …  I am few of these things… but you have to admire my confidence.

From a very early age, I sat in front of the tape player stopping and starting songs to catch the lyrics, I poured over exotic words in the dictionary and I was fascinated by the 90s word game – Boogle.

But it was not the words that I wanted to understand, but the message.

It was all about the message.

On the news, the message is concise and clear, in politics it can confuse, unite or divide, and in art it is something malleable.

One things for sure without words… who are we? Word is only one L away from world.

With this profound respect for the written and spoken word, a long  career as a journalist was an obvious career path. Of which I currently work and love.

Being a female, in a predominately male-led industry, I have observed and experienced elements of the gender power struggle. I hold individual merit in high regard, so naturally decisions based solely on gender are something I oppose. This issue brought inequality into my reality and is a matter of which I am acutely aware.

From this came an intense desire to reach out to those who don’t feel as though they are being heard, and broadcast their views. Lets just say, my distaste for gender inequality inspired my inner humanitarian.

Of which encompasses all humans – at least from time-to-time.

Reporting on international news events and studying international politics has been humbling. While every nation has its problems, every person has their story – a daily dose of ‘check your privilege’ is a mantra in which I practise and also welcome.


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