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Moments in nature

COILED by the hills of the Highlands, a passionate romance between an artist and nature swirls in the breeze.

World renowned Italian artist, Thomas Cecchi will call the Highlands home for the next few months, living out his days at the Hillview Heritage Hotel.

With the “power of Australian Mother Nature” as his muse, Thomas said he came to the region to hush his mind, “become quiet in his soul” and delve deeper within his creative self.

Full PDF: Moments in nature

Sarah’s new life in Tanzania

ONE Bowral resident has given up the familiar comforts of home to travel across the world to help break the cycle of poverty.

Sarah Clark put her hand up to volunteer at the School of St Jude in Tanzania, East Africa, working closely with disadvantaged children to improve their future.

The school was opened in 2002 by an Australian woman, Gemma Sisia, with the goal of educating the most underprivileged children and break the cycle of poverty.

What began with just one teacher and three students has now grown to be the largest charity funded school in Africa.

Full PDF: Sarah’s new life in Tanzania

r0_184_3627_2224_w1200_h678_fmaxRoos’ darker take on a musical theatre classic

ONCE the curtain has fallen on each of the Roo Theatre Company’s productions of West Side Story, the cast dissolves into tears. Such is their emotional investment in the 1957 Broadway classic.

Set in the mid-50s in New York’s Upper West Side, the musical tells of American boy Tony who falls deeply in love with Maria, a Portuguese girl. The union complicates an existing rivalry between two racial gangs – the Jets and the Sharks.

The production was the first for the Roo Theatre Company and it returns bigger, bolder and better 23 years later … More


Fables, fantasy and fiction

WAR, lust, ancient heroes and mythology are just some of the themes that feature in Justin Pearson’s lyrical solo exhibition.

Repertoire presents a collection of art works that forge an intangible relationship between whimsical humour and sombre moods cloaked in the musing world of mythology.

Justin’s work is largely influenced by northern mythology, old and modern fables and the multitude of sounds from opera composers. melodies and recordings.

Full PDF: Fables, Fantasy and fiction SHN

Exploring the notion of self

ENTER into the mind of the artist, hear the voice and see the face in the Self Portrait exhibition of 27 artists at Gallery Ecosse this weekend.

In the intimate setting of the Exeter Gallery the Autoportrait display features the works of 27 invited and Highlands-based individuals, in an unveiling exhibition of self.

Self portraits are thought of in the industry as an insight into the artists thoughts and emotions.

Full PDF: Exploring the notion of self


Hockey Dad put Kiama on the map

WINDANG duo Hockey Dad might be reclining at home on the South Coast after a whirlwind sell-out national tour, but the boys continue  to make waves worldwide and put the region on the map.

Lake Illawarra’s Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming have just dropped their latest single Can’t Have Them and their creative film is putting the region on the map featuring Kiama’s very own Bombo Quarry as the backdrop.

img_1929Sam favours a career in the kitchen

THINK of a pie with two main ingredients, Steve Irwin’s enthusiasm and Jamie Oliver’s skills, add a little seasoning and you get Sam Hillyer.

For the 12-year-old kitchen maverick, chicken noodles, and macaroni cheese are off the menu and replaced with crusted lamb shanks and pork belly with a side of Dutch carrots.

Full PDF: Sam favours a career in the kitchen

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