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 r0_0_5760_3840_w1200_h678_fmaxFunding cuts close family violence centre

A LAKE IllAWARRA domestic violence service will fold despite funding promises to keep it operating for another year.

It was announced in 2014 that the Lake Illawarra Family Violence Service Support (LIFVSS) would cease as part of the State Government’s “It Stops Here” reforms. The reforms aim to centralise DV services by making information available across all agencies, such as police, health and housing.

Under the reforms it was decided that LIFVSS would discontinue operating…More

Poo funds on the run

NEXT time you flush in a rush it could be worth considering, how much does your poo cost you?

A cash overrun of around $300,000 could flow-on from the long awaited Robertson Sewerage Scheme.

The final project costs went before council in this week’s ordinary meeting for the scheme that started construction in 2011.

An estimated $32.6 million was originally calculated in March 2013 to cover the cost of the 25km sewerage reticulation ….

Full PDF article: Poo funds on the run

r0_105_3620_2245_w1200_h678_fmaxCyclists forced to carry photo ID

AN Oak Flats cyclist has claimed new laws, which would force bike riders over a certain age to carry photo identification, would only create aggression among the cycling community.

Illawarra Bicycle User Group chairman Werner Steyer said he supported the idea that cyclists carry ID but claimed it shouldn’t be mandatory.

“It just adds aggression to the situation,” he said… More


A colourful celebration of the life of “bright and bubbly” Casey-lee Hull

ALL the colours of the rainbow filled the sky as the Shellharbour community gathered last week to celebrate the life of Casey-lee Hull.

The life of the 17-year-old Oak Flats High School student was tragically cut short in a car accident on Boollwarroo Parade, Shellharbour, two weeks ago. More

Delays hinder agenda

MANY of the council meeting patterns of 2013 have continued into the new year of business.
The relatively amicable return for the first Ordinary Council Meeting wasn’t enough with 18 items of the 38 on the agenda not covered within the required time-frame.
Despite this, council decided in September 2013 that the Ordinary Council Meetings would be held monthly in the year ahead.

A larger than normal business paper, as well as significant domination of the floor by one councillor and lengthy discussion over wording of some matters hindered the progress of business. This resulted in a return to the patterns of 2013 with several matters held over for another month

Full PDF article: Delays hinder agenda

r0_219_4288_2630_w1200_h678_fmax-1Kiama Heights cliff fall rescue: video, photos

A TEENAGE girl is lucky to be alive after falling from a cliff in Loves Bay, Kiama Heights on Thursday, April 2.

The 17-year-old girl from Nowra was out walking with her boyfriend at about 9am on Thursday morning when police believe she was climbing the side of the cliff face and lost her grip, falling about 15 meters onto the rocks beneath her…More

The cup is in its way

PREPARATIONS are well underway for the arrival of one of Australia’s most prestigious sporting trophies this Friday.

The Wingecarribee region will be one of 34 destinations across the country that will play host to the Emirates Melbourne Cup trophy.

The 18 carat gold trophy, valued $175,000 will start its tour at 8am at the Southern Highlands Tourism Information Centre

Full PDF: The cup is on its way

Dust raises health concerns

THERE are health concerns for residents from a “dirt road dust storm” on a rural Moss Vale road. An upgrade of Bulwer Road, Moss Vale, was adopted in last week’s Ordinary Council Meeting.

The dirt road will be partially sealed at one end and fixed to a “maintained” state at the other end.

Along with nine other residents, Councillor Holly Campbell raised concerns about the level and type of dust that has been blowing off the road that is to remain unsealed. Cr Campbell said they could potentially have a “court case on their hands” if council did not consider sealing the whole road.

Full PDF Dust raises health concerns

w1200_h678_fmaxBradman’s legend restored

The legend of Sir Donald Bradman has been reborn after old footage revealed the blueprint for the historic Bradman family home.

The Bradman family home has undergone a restoration project in an effort to rebuild the house to its original state. The project paid special attention to the iconic tank stand, where Bradman honed his skills that would see him become part of Australian folklore.

The house in Bowral, in the NSW Southern Highlands, has since received the Conservation Built Heritage Award and taken the gong as the overall winner of the Wingecarribee Heritage Awards.


Time to Rejoyce

IN the face of troubled times a positive attitude can be a struggle for most, but for some optimism just comes naturally.

Joyce Whatman from Kangaloon has teamed up with her daughter Lynda Leith to face the fight against Motor Neurone Disease (MND) by raising awareness and funds for the condition.

Ms Whatman was diagnosed with MND in January this year and despite the prognosis she said she remained a “cheerful bugger”.

Full PDF: Time to rejoyce

Jobs cut to Joy Mining

MORE than 50 employees of Joy Global Moss Vale will be out of work as the company hands out mass redundancies.

The mining manufacturer will begin cutting jobs across the country and reviewing staff in various sectors due to a downturn in the mining industry. About 50 voluntary redundancies were offered to employees in the McCourt Road workshop and other sectors are under review, including engineers.

Forced redundancies will take place from May 27.

Full PDF: Jobs cut Joy mining

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